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The Bisbee Gem Award presented to Judy and Mike Anderson

The Bisbee Gem Award recognizes individuals who, by virtue of their example, promote the culture of giving back to the community, through the sharing of their time, talents and financial resources.   The Bisbee Gem trophy was created by local artist Judy Perry.  This year's recipients are Judy and Mike Anderson--founding members of the Friends of Warren BallPark, incorporated in 2009.  The Friends have completed major restorations to the oldest continually used ballpark in America; including installation of new public restrooms.  They brought vintage baseball to Bisbee--including 13 annual tournaments.    Mike and Judy moved to Bisbee in 1989 and have have been married 45 years.    Judy worked for the Cochise County Planning Department as Planner.  She served many years on the Bisbee Planning and Zoning Commission and until recently she has been President of the Friends of Warren Ballpark.      

Mike is a recognized local historian, excellent researcher, author, speaker and storyteller.  He was advisor to the film "Bisbee "'17."  He took it upon himself to track down what happened to the Bisbee miners that were rounded up by gunpoint, marched to the Warren Ballpark, placed on railroad cattle cars and dropped off in the desert of New Mexico in the 1917 deportation. He authored the book "Warren Ballpark."   He has written for historic journals and has made numerous presentations on aspects of Bisbee history.  Most recently he presented a zoom seminar titled "Live on Stage, Entertainment in early Bisbee"  in conjunction with the Bisbee Mining Museum.

-Submitted by Douglas Dunn, Bisbee Foundation Director


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