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The Story of Nana Lupe


El Tigre, Sonora, Mexico was the birthplace of Guadalupe Cabrera. The year was 1918, so she would be over 100 years old now! She had an engaging personality and was quite beautiful, so it's no wonder that she caught the eye of Salvador Delgadillo, whom she married in 1934.

Together they raised a family of nine children. Nana Lupe was a loving wife, mother and grandmother. Her demeanor was such that all who knew her loved and admired her. She was affectionately called Nana Lupe by her extended family and friends.

She was gifted in many ways: her intelligence, her cooking skills, her meticulous, flawless embroidery and her creativity as a seamstress. She loved to garden, to sing and dance, and she shared her talents freely.

But the most important part of her life was as mother to her nine children. No matter the difficulty, no matter the situation, she taught and insisted that each child be responsible, respectful and kind. This is the legacy she has given her family and they still embody those values today. This legacy lives on in her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. It is hoped that a bit of it will live on through this scholarship given in memory of a much loved Nana.

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