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About Us


Mission Statement

We enhance the historical, cultural and human qualities that make Bisbee unique. The Bisbee Foundation creates and builds support to assure the continuing success of Bisbee.

We encourage a culture of giving by building community endowments for the Bisbee community. The Bisbee Foundation is an affiliate of the Arizona Community Foundation, which provides fiscal and fiduciary oversight of endowments as well as administrative, marketing and technical support.  


The Foundation is Bisbee’s premier charitable partner, trusted by hundreds of generous former and current Bisbee residents. Grants to individuals and organizations have supported and encouraged a range of projects contributing to the quality of life for community residents.  Scholarships have enabled students in Bisbee schools to continue their education and begin to realize their life goals.


The Bisbee Foundation Values

Service to the community through effective allocation of resources


Stewardship ensuring that resources are safeguarded and invested properly through the Arizona Community Foundation


Integrity through ethical and trustworthy management of funds and through respect for donors and clients


Innovation that welcomes creative ideas and imaginative methods for achieving community good


Nimbleness through flexible and creative responses to needs and requests


Inclusion of diverse ideas and respect for differences


Collaboration with people and partners who share a commitment to the Bisbee community

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