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For Donors

Types of Funds

Creating Your Fund

 If you choose to create a fund, it carries the name you choose: yours, that of your family or a dedication in memory of a loved one or special friend. Grants or scholarships are issued in the name of the fund unless you request anonymity. For instance, a permanent fund provides resources for maintenance of Evergreen Cemetery.


Named Fund for the Common Good

If you choose this type of fund, we will award grants from the fund to address a wide range of needs, immediately or in the future. This empowers The Bisbee Community Foundation to respond to special requests which require flexible funding.


Field of Interest Fund

You choose what your fund’s focus will be, such as education, arts, animal welfare or special community projects and The Foundation will award grants to established, stable organizations and programs in your selected field.


Scholarship Fund

You can assist Bisbee students pursuing their education - from preschool to graduate school - and help set the eligibility criteria for the scholarship.


Designated Funds

Grants from designated funds provide a reliable annual income stream to one or more of your favorite organizations, assuring ongoing support into the future. A group could collaborate and contribute to a single fund, often supporting a common program or cause.


Advised Funds

If you wish to support multiple organizations and programs throughout the year, an advised fund is ideal.  Our staff can help identify nonprofits and programs, ensure their charitable status and provide grant-making and administrative support. 


Memorial Funds

If you wish to create a fund in memory of a friend or loved one and invite friends and family to contribute in lieu of a sympathy gift, you can create a memorial fund through The Bisbee Foundation.

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