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The Berry Family Environmental Fund

The Berry siblings - Gordon, Lynne and Jeff, have throughout their lives held an abiding respect for the natural environment. When Gordon decided to give back to the community, it was a "natural fit" to provide a dedicated fund to support environmental projects.


The Berry Environmental Grant may be given to encourage the enhancement of the natural environment within the Bisbee granting area. The grant proposals may include, but would not be limited to, such things as tree, shrub and other landscape enhancement projects in public, and in certain situations, private locations; water harvesting and site contouring for water catchment; community garden support; community cleanup; and other conservation projects. 


Applications will be accepted during the annual open grant cycle from January 1st - March 1st.


 Photo: The 2016 Berry Environmental Grant was awarded to the Rotary Community Garden for a water catchment system, demonstrated by Serena Casey in this photo.


Submitting an application online

Complete the two step form below which consists of the following:

 Step 1: General Grant Form and Step 2: Project Grant Form.

Submitting an application by mail

Download, print and mail in your application. You will need to download and complete the General Grant Form, the Project Grant Form, and include all required attachments before submitting an application packet by mail.

Grant Guidelines

Click here to review the Project Grant Guidelines.

The Bisbee Foundation Berry Family Environmental Fund Project Grant Application

Step 1: Fill out the General Grant Form

Organization/Contact Info

Please upload the following requested documents*

Upload File
Upload File
Upload File

Grant funds will be distributed approximately 45 days following approval by the Bisbee Foundation board. Funds must be used within 60 days of receipt of the check and before December 31. If the full amount cannot be used before the end of the year, grantee must notify the Bisbee Foundation no later than November 15. Full documentation of the project, including a written report and photographs (if appropriate) is required within 21 days of completion. Reports may be submitted by email to The Bisbee Foundation must be acknowledged in all publicity or announcements. Requestors who do not comply with these requirements will be ineligible for future grants. The Bisbee Foundation will not award grants to individuals or organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion or physical limitation.

*Please be patient as pdf files upload before Step 2 in the application appears.

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