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The Bisbee Foundation offers multiple scholarships every year, from general scholarships to scholarships for engineering, nursing, arts, sciences, humanities

and scholarships for those who are returning to school after a pause. In addition, we are now offering dual enrollment scholarships for students who are enrolled in college-level courses while still in high school. Please note that dual enrollment scholarship applications are only available through Maria Asaro, Bisbee High School Counselor and not through the standard application on this site.


The Bisbee Foundation recognizes the importance of education for the vitality of the

community and its residents and is committed to Bisbee students who wish to pursue educational goals beyond high school. Scholarships are awarded to students who wish to continue their education in pursuit of their life goals - including older students who may wish to continue their education after a pause and those who may want to pursue vocational training. The Bisbee Foundation makes scholarship grants to students who meet the guidelines of several scholarships honoring the wishes of the donor.


In addition, assuming funds are available, The Bisbee Foundation sometimes chooses to

award special scholarships at their discretion. Anonymous private donors, local charities and endowments sometimes choose to give scholarships through The Bisbee Foundation as well.


Each scholarship is awarded annually to one person who lives in Bisbee/Naco or is a graduate of Bisbee High School. You can apply for scholarships during the application period of February 1 - April 1, 2021.

See the full list of available scholarships here.


How to apply: 


Print out the downloadable form at the right. 


Follow the instructions for filling out all the information where indicated.


Write a letter introducing yourself and describe your personal commitment to education or training beyond high school and the goals you hope to achieve.


Attach recommendation letters from the people who are most familiar with your academic

goals who are not related to you.


Before April 1, send the completed form, your personal letter and your

recommendation letter to:


The Bisbee Foundation

Drawer BK

Bisbee, Arizona 85603

Download and fill out

the form below

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