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For Donors

Establishing a Fund

Establishing a fund at The Bisbee Foundation is an effective way to invest in Bisbee.  You can focus on specific organizations, issues or create a fund with a flexible purpose.  A fund can be created in one meeting with a short fund agreement and single gift.  We will work closely with you through the following steps to create your fund:


 1. Define your charitable and financial objectives.

What’s your passion?  What do you envision for Bisbee?

What level of tax benefit do you seek?

Would you like to involve the next generation of your family?


 2. Determine the fund’s giving strategy, based on options:

To support the broadest range of local needs

To support organizations in a particular field such as the arts, education or sustainability

 To benefit a specific charitable organization(s)

To generate scholarships for Bisbee students seeking higher education

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