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Eddie Rivas Scholarship - General

This endowment was created by Emily Anderson, her family and friends to create a permanent memorial for her late husband, Eddie Rivas.

Anonymous Family Endowment - Arts and Sciences

The funders of this endowment prefer to remain anonymous, and their wish is that this scholarship go to a student in the Arts or Sciences.

Proctor Pavlovich Scholarship - General

Nana Lupe Scholarship - General

This endowment was funded by Maria Thompson and her husband Arturo in memory of Maria's mother, Nana Lupe. Read Nana Lupe's story here.

Al & Jane Ridgeway Scholarship - General

Al Ridgeway was a PE teacher and head football and basketball coach at Bisbee High School, where he taught for 35 years. He was inducted into the Arizona Coaches Hall of Fame. His wife Jane continues to be active in the Bisbee community who is noted for her philanthropy and for being a noteworthy bridge player.

Anita L. Riddle Scholarship - Engineering

Jack Riddle Scholarship - Engineering

These two scholarships are funded by members of the Riddle family, generations of whom have grown up in Bisbee. They have requested that both scholarships be made available to students in the field of engineering.

Davies Scholarship - Humanities

This scholarship, funded by and named for The Bisbee Foundation's founders, Jack and Nancy Davies, is intended for students working in the Humanities.

James & Kay Burke Scholarship - General

Jack & Marguerite Ladd Scholarship - General

Jack Ladd is a longtime rancher and active conservationist who worked for Phelps-Dodge as Superintendent of the Copper Queen Branch in Bisbee for many years. Marguerite also worked for Phelps-Dodge and now is an active volunteer and community supporter. Together, they have established a legacy of education for future generations.

In addition to this list, The Bisbee Foundation has the option of giving special scholarships each year.

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