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Welcome to the Bisbee Foundation.

Our mission is to enhance the historical, cultural and human qualities that make Bisbee unique. The Bisbee Foundation creates and builds support to assure the continuing success of Bisbee.


The Bisbee Foundation's focus is to play a role in Bisbee's future by working with groups/individuals who are in the arts, humanities, education and historic preservation with goals designed to preserve and enhance:


  • Bisbee's unique place in the history of the Southwest

  • The contribution made to Bisbee's cultural character by its creative people

  • Bisbee's architectural and environmental inheritance


Focus areas:

  • Culture, Arts and Humanities and Historic Preservation

  • Learning and literacy

  • Grants and scholarships

  • Evergreen Cemetery

  • Environmental improvement projects

2023 Grant and Scholarship Cycle

The 2023 grant cycle for major grants and scholarships will open on February 1. To apply for grants, click here  and to apply for scholarships, click here. Applications must be received by The Bisbee Foundation by April 1, 2023.

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