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Past Recipients

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Grants and Awards to Individuals and Organizations in 2022:

Bisbee Community Chorus - General Programming Expenses

Bisbee Fiber Arts Guild - Two-Day Felting Workshop

Bisbee Community Coaster Race, Inc. - Permits and Fees

Bisbee Science Lab - Summer Program

Central School Project - MAKE Fest Youth Art Events 2023

World AIDS Day - Materials for Event

Central School Project - Bisbee Plein Air Festival - Prize Money

Historic Warren Community - Startup Funding

Turkey Vulture Festival - Educational Presentations

Friends of the Copper Queen Library Justice Grant - Local & Southwest Authors

Love of Learning Mini Grants for Teachers 


Judy Murray, Greenway Art - Paw Prints on My Heart

Judy Murray, Lowell Art - 3-D Printers to create sculptural forms

Marlena Dagnino, Greenway - Exact Path RLW.Clouds - Math for Grade Four

Courtney Borquez, Greenway - Math Manipulatives for Math Centers

Nick Porter, Greenway - Reading Center Manipulatives - Grade Three

Jennifer Meneses, Greenway - STEM Materials for Experiments - Grade Four

Alesha Mart, Greenway - Art Supplies for Learning Centers

Amy Brett, BHS Art, Professional Potter/Demonstrator

Regie H. Padre, BHS Math - Math Supplies, Technical Equipment

Judy Murray, Lowell - Program Materials and Sewing Machine

Judy Murray, Greenway - STEM Art, Metal Bracelets


TOTAL GRANTED since inception = $ 273,309
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