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Historic Preservation

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Historic Preservation Grants may be made to nonprofit organizations and entities. Grants must be matched one-to-one with non-public money and/or with in-kind services. Grants may also be made to private for-profit companies for the purpose of historic preservation. They must be matched one-to-one with either private or public funds. In-kind matching is not acceptable for for-profit concerns.


Guidelines for The Bisbee Foundation Historic Preservation Grant


The focus of this grant is to restore or preserve historic buildings or sites in Greater Bisbee. Documentation of historic significance is required.


In order to be eligible for this grant, a nonprofit organization must have the following:


1. Status as a nonprofit corporation in the State of Arizona and tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service with at least a two-year programming history. If an organization does not have nonprofit status it may use a fiscal receiver (umbrella sponsorship) contingent on:


    - Approval of the governing board of the umbrella organization


    -  A written contract executed between the applicant and the 

       umbrella organization


    - Umbrella organization being fully responsible for all financial     

      commitments related to the application


2. Non-discriminatory employment and personnel policies


3. The ability to provide the following documents:


    - IRS NonProfit status letter if applicable


     - Articles of Incorporation


     - Bylaws


     -  Current list of board members and staff


     - Current fiscal year budget


     - Proof of authentication as an historic property


Grants may also be made to private for-profit companies if matched one-to-one with public or private funds, and they must also meet the criteria outlined in points 2 and 3 above.




Application must be accompanied by evidence that the project will be fully funded if the grant is awarded.


Application must include evidence that the amount requested has been the result of a minimum of two bids or estimates from a registered architect.


If the restored property is sold within three years after receiving an Historic Preservation Grant from The Bisbee Foundation, the organization which received the grant must return the full grant amount to The Bisbee Foundation, plus 4% per annum interest.


Award recipients must file a completion report on all grants received, including a reconciled project budget, in order to qualify for further grants. Reports will be reviewed by the Board of Directors of The Bisbee Foundation for evidence of fulfillment of all requirements before final approval of the report is given.


If the project is a cooperative activity between two or more organizations, the proposal must include letters from the authorized representative of the agencies, along with copies of any agreements or letters of understanding between them.





The following do not qualify for Historic Preservation Grant funding:


Organizations receiving more than 50% of their annual budget from a public tax-supported source


Divisions or departments of government, including colleges, universities, school districts



Historic Preservation Grants are not awarded for the following:


Travel outside Arizona


Debt retirement


Tuition or refreshment costs


Salaries beyond the duration of the project


The establishment or augmentation of endowment funds


Interior restoration of religious structures

Download and fill out the

following forms:

(to be filled out by all grantees)

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