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Current Grant Opportunities

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The Bisbee Foundation invests in Bisbee’s future and its citizens by building endowments that will help sustain quality of life and encourage individual achievement. From these endowments, grants are awarded annually to Bisbee organizations supporting culture, the arts and humanities, historic preservation and education. 


Each year, The Bisbee Foundation invites organizations and individuals to submit proposals for projects that meet the guidelines for funding. Bisbee students are invited to submit proposals for scholarships. All proposals are evaluated by The Bisbee Foundation board and grants awarded. 


The Bisbee Foundation awards grants through an annual application process in the spring of each year. The grant cycle extends from February 1 to April 1.


To apply:


Please click on the name of the grant you are applying for: Project, Operating, Historic Preservation or Mini.


Read the guidelines.


Download two PDF documents: the basic grant application (needed for all grants) and the specific grant application. 


Fill out both applications completely, attach any necessary supporting information,

and send to:


The Bisbee Foundation

Drawer BK

Bisbee, Arizona 85603

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